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Documents from Hungary’s Democratic Transition
Posted: 20/October/2014
OSA acquires documents (photographs, press clippings and political campaign materials) about Hungary’s democratic transition from the estate of István Bartók, a well-known public figure and passionate photographer of his beloved city Budapest.
Posted: 13/October/2014
Open Letter to the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, European Commission
 Truth and Objectivity – Film Laboratory
Posted: 29/September/2014

A unique film series to explore documentaries associated with historical truthfulness and objectivity.  Various ways of investigating, revealing, and verifying truth are detailed in each film through uncovered footage, interviews, observations, or re-enactment of past events.  Just as the filmmakers incorporate different approaches and methods, so these themes are echoed in the CEU course called, Historiography: Themes in Its History and Approaches to Its Theory.

OSA's Yellow-Star Houses Virtual Exhibitions Featured on Google Open Gallery
Posted: 17/September/2014
OSA's two virtual exhibitions on the Yellow-Star Houses project are now featured on Google's Open Gallery website.
Posted: 15/September/2014
Dear Researchers,Please note the special hours for September 2014: OSA Office and Research Room Closed to the Public: September 18 & 19.Research Room Closed to the Public:September 25.September 30. Open only from 13:00 until closingThank you for your understanding.
Europeana 1989 at OSA in September
Posted: 04/September/2014

OSA is the project leader of Europeana 1989 in Hungary. During the Hungarian collection campaigns, it cooperated with the SZTE Klebelsberg Library of the University of Szeged and the Museum of Sopron. The last collection campaing will take place at OSA on the  5th and 6th of  September, 2014.

Tibor Philipp Collection
Posted: 03/September/2014
OSA has acquired a new collection related to Tibor Philipp, a well-known member of the Democratic Opposition and of the alternative art group Inconnnu in the 1980s.
QR code – How Family Slides Become Public History
Posted: 01/September/2014

The three meters by three meters art piece, QR code, which consists of 2.916 slides, will be permanently exhibited in the OSA Archivum's Goldberger House in Budapest. OSA is one of the internationally most well known archives of the recent past, displaying documents on historical events and eras in unusual ways. It is eminently suited, both spatially and spiritually, to display this work of art.

Visegrad Scholarship at the Open Society Archives
Posted: 11/August/2014
OSA and the Visegrad Fund are inviting applicants for the 2014/2015 academic year, who are interested in working on specific aspects of the following broader research themes. All the proposed research topics are related to the diverse problems of the archive (“archive” both as a concept, a notion and idea, and “archive” as physical repositories having, intellectually interesting specificities as well).
OSA Concert June 21
Posted: 23/June/2014
From 8 am until midnight on June 21, 2014, and at over 130 locations across the city, the people of Budapest, former and current yellow-star house residents, survivors and their families, friends and neighbors, theater groups, musicians, authors, civic groups, public figures, cultural institutes, and embassies held commemorations marking the 70th anniversary of the forced relocation of Budapest Jews into the yellow-star houses.With a message from István Rév, and photos, videos, and international press coverage.
Posted: 18/June/2014
Over the 2014 summer break, the archival Research Room will be closed from July 28- August 29. The Research Room will re-open on Monday, September 1.
Yellow-Star Houses Remembrance Day
Posted: 13/June/2014

OSA Archivum's Yellow-Star Houses project culminates on June 21, 1944, the 70th anniversary of the forced mass relocation of 220,000 Budapest Jews
into around 2,000 designated buildings marked with a yellow Star of David: the "yellow-star houses."

Közlemény | Announcement
Posted: 06/June/2014
Kétségeink mellett és ellenére, elfogadva az Origo ajánlatát, egyelőre úgy döntöttünk, hogy a „Menetrend- 1944” blogot, amíg a lehetőségek és a tisztesség ezt engedi, továbbra is az Origon közöljük.
The first phase of Europeana 1989 in Hungary is over
Posted: 02/June/2014
OSA is the project leader of Europeana 1989 in Hungary. During May 2014, the staff of OSA working on the Europeana 1989 project conducted twocollection campaigns in Hungary. These campaigns took place on May 23–24 at the SZTE Klebelsberg Library, and on May 30–31 in Sopron, in closecooperation with the staff of the Museum of Sopron.
Book Launch
Posted: 26/May/2014

The book launch of The Milosevic Trial: An Autopsy by Timothy Williams Waters. This is the first cross-disciplinary examination of the longest, most controversial war crimes trial of the modern era, and its contested legacy for the growing fields of international criminal law and post-conflict justice.

yellow-star house sticker
Posted: 21/May/2014
On May 20, OSA Archivum hosted a meeting for the diplomatic representatives of states and organizations which played a role in saving the lives of Jews in 1944, or which have links to specific yellow-star houses.
Deportation 1944
Posted: 15/May/2014
Edited by OSA historian András Mink, the "Menetrend 1944" (Timetable) Hungarian-language blog on news portal follows the daily deportations of almost half a million Jews from the Hungarian countryside, May 14 - July 19, seventy years ago.
Posted: 09/May/2014

Europeana 1989 ( is a project of the Europeana Digital Library which aims at creating a unique European public archive of the political changes of 1989. It is set to gather digital content from its users through a variety of methods, including collection campaigns and online participation. Relevant documents and objects, along with accompanying stories, are uploaded to a website and pinned to an interactive map.

Yellow-Star Houses organizers' meeting at OSA, May 7
Posted: 30/April/2014

Meeting to introduce ourselves, discuss our experiences to date, and share ideas and plans with one another.

CEU Bp100 in 2014
Posted: 22/April/2014
The fourth annual celebration of 100-year-old buildings of Budapest takes place this weekend, April 26-27, 2014. Originally launched by OSA and hosted by KÉK Contemporary Architectural Center, dozens of centenary buildings will open their gates to visitors, putting on public and educational programs. This year, the CEU building is also taking part.
KIM plaque
Posted: 22/April/2014
On Thursday April 17, OSA presented the Yellow-Star Houses project at an informal event for the international press.
Posted: 08/April/2014
April 8, 2014. The International Roma Day provides an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of Roma culture, and to highlight the difficulties that these people face in this part of the world.
Posted: 08/April/2014
Yellow-Star Houses press conference on April 2, 2014, presented the historical context, rationale and plans behind the program aimed at all residents of Budapest today, and introduced preparations for the city-wide commemorations on June 21, 2014. 
Re Verzio Film Series – A World Not Ours
Posted: 27/March/2014

Filmed over more than 20 years by multiple generations of the same family, this intimate portrait shows the lives of three generations in exile in the Ain el-Helweh camp. Imbued with nostalgia and striking a wide range of emotional notes, A World Not Ours is more than a family portrait: it is a sensitive and illuminating study of belonging and friendship.

Posted: 24/March/2014

International Conference
March 7-8, 2014 at the Open Society Archives, Budapest.

The conference was organized by OSA Archivum to bridge the gap between contemporary digital archival practices and academic theory regarding the image of—and the images in—the archive. The Conference organizers, Ioana Macrea-Toma and Oksana Sarkisova, started from a presumption that the potential of new technologies can be best understood by studying the historicity of visual practices and historical imaginations. Given the growing role of visual material in both researching and presenting historical data, the event brought together scholars and specialists in the fields of history, archival science, media studies, film studies, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, and design, and proved to be a successful interdisciplinary event.

Re Verzio Film Series – Camp 14
Posted: 21/March/2014

Marc Wiese's documentary is both a powerful story of survival and an evocative character study, showing the feelings of guilt, anger, remorse and complicity that are shared between both abused and abuser. With extremely rare footage taken inside a prison camp, Camp 14 is a once-seen, never forgotten experience.

Posted: 17/March/2014

Join us at OSA on Wednesday, March 19 for a live streaming of a one-day conference held at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, "The Holocaust in Hungary, 70 Years Later." Attendance is free.

Re Verzio Film Series – Rent a Family INC.
Posted: 13/March/2014

Ryuichi runs a small Japanese company, "I Want To Cheer You Up Ltd." – from his cell phone and laptop. Ryuichi and his employees are professional stand-ins, part of a growing service industry in Japan that rents out fake spouses, best men, relatives, friends, colleagues, boyfriends and girlfriends, all to spare their clients’ embarrassment at social functions such as weddings, funerals, or other family gatherings.

Re Verzio Film Series – In the Shadow of the Sun
Posted: 07/March/2014

Filmed over six years, In The Shadow Of The Sun tells the story of two albino men as they attempt to follow their dreams in the face of prejudice and fear in Tanzania.

Nagydiofa 13
Posted: 06/March/2014
On the 70th anniversary of the Hungarian Holocaust, OSA Archivum remembers a tragic and shameful chapter of Budapest's past by exploring the history of the “yellow-star” houses. Our English-language Yellow-Star Houses website is now live.