Events / Announcements
Vera and Donald Blinken
We mourn a prominent diplomat, a good human being, a friend of the Archives.
Announcement - posted on 23/Sep/2022
Students of the first class at the new course
The course is titled From Kádár’s Megaphone to the Yugoslav Wars: Archival Sources, Media Products and Propaganda.
Announcement - posted on 19/Sep/2022
CEU Budapest Campus
Blinken OSA reopens its temporary Research Room at CEU Budapest and participates in CEU Vienna Orientation Sessions.
Announcement - posted on 31/Aug/2022
Zsolt Csalog - Source of the photo: Csalog monograph by Márton Soltész
To honor Zsolt Csalog’s work and legacy, a series of events entitled Csalog25 will take place October 10–14, 2022.
Event - posted on 1/Sep/2022
Photo: Dániel Végel
See the researchers Blinken OSA will welcome in 2022/23!
Announcement - posted on 23/Aug/2022
Blog Posts / Podcasts

2022 marks the 70th anniversary of one of the most infamous events in post-WWII Soviet Jewish history. On the night between August 12...

Blog - posted on 12/Aug/2022

The Dialogue Peace Group was established, after some prior planning, at a gathering on June 26, 1982, 40 years ago today, according to...

Blog - posted on 24/Jun/2022

According to UNHCR’s statistics, in 2022 the number of people forced to flee their homes has exceeded 100 million for the first time....

Blog - posted on 20/Jun/2022

Even though the Cold War was a multipolar and multi-aspect geopolitical tension between rival superpowers and their allies, when...

Blog - posted on 13/Jun/2022

In two chapters, we revisit the milestones of the Ukrainian democratic transition following 1989. The first...

Blog - posted on 2/May/2022