The Research Room is closed from August 1 to September 2. The first operating day is September 5.

Use of Materials

We preserve historical materials of permanent value and make them available for study in our Research Room. The procedures described below are intended to protect the integrity of these important resources.

Archival records and library materials

  • You may only have 5 containers at a time.
  • Please use only one box and one folder at a time. In the case of manuscripts, please leave all materials flat on the table. Gloves are required when handling photographs, film, slides, or metal objects. 
  • Please preserve the existing order and arrangement of records by examining only one folder/file at a time and marking its place in the archival box with one of the place cards (white paper strips) available for this purpose. If you suspect that an item seems to be out of order, please inform a staff member. 
  • Please preserve the existing order and arrangement of unbound library material (periodicals, magazines, etc.).
  • Do not affix paper clips, post-it notes, or other such items to archival materials. Use the paper strips provided to mark your place in a document. 
  • Do not place books or other objects on archival documents, or apply pressure to them. Please be careful while (un)folding the documents.
  • Do not use a pen or pencil as a pointer or make marks of any kind on the documents. 
  • When replacing folders in archival boxes, please exercise the greatest care to prevent damage.
  • Return records to their archival box before you leave the Research Room.
  • When you leave at the end of the day, please inform the reference services staff if you have finished with the records. If you would like to use them again within 5 working days, the records can be held for you.
  • Specific materials may be subject to additional rules of use.

Microfilm and micro-fiches

  • You may only have up to 20 microfiches or 5 microfilm reels at a time.
  • After using a microfilm, please rewind it to the beginning of the reel.
  • Please remember to switch off the microfiche/microfilm reader after use.
  • Please inform the reference services staff about the number of photocopies made with the microreader so that a receipt can be issued by the OSA Finance Department.
  • When you have finished with microfiche or microfilm, please bring them back to the reference services staff.

Audio-visual materials

  • You may request up to 10 VHS cassettes, audio tapes, and DVDs at a time. The reference services staff will demonstrate how to use the technical equipment if necessary.
  • After using VHS or audio cassettes, please rewind them to the beginning.
  • Please remember to switch off electronic devices.
  • When you have finished with VHS cassettes, audio tapes, or DVDs, please bring them back to the reference services staff.

Digital material

  • Some of our digitized or born digital documents cannot be published online for a variety of reasons. However, these are available for research on specific network drives on the computers in the Research Room. If you wish to access these documents, please ask for assistance from the reference services staff.