Visegrad Scholarship Results at Blinken OSA

Visegrad Scholarship Results at Blinken OSA

Visegrad Scholarship at the Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives
We invite applicants from the fields of history, the arts, philosophy and sociology to reflect on the conditions of knowledge production during and after the Cold War. This reflection exposes the intellectual and professional practices (journalistic, sociological, artistic, political, archival) that both reflected and shaped the meaning and scope of the Cold War phenomenon.

We are happy to announce that the evaluation of the last submitted Visegrad applications has finished and the final list of winners and reserves has been approved by the Council of Ambassadors.

Visegrad Scholarship @ OSA – JULY 2019

•    GOMBOS, Taylor Jordan (US) The international proportions of the Cold War – its social structure, its geopolitical implications, and its narrative potency
•    VARSA, Eszter (Hungary) Reproductive Politics East and West: The Representation of a Cold War Tension by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
•    KOZLOV, Dmitry (Russia) Leningrad Youth of the Thaw Period in Search of Space for Public Action
•    RADI, Szinan (Hungary) Money, Fiscal Policy and the Production of Scientific Knowledge through the Hungarian Shopfloor, 1945-1974
•    VAGRAMENKO, Tatiana (Russia) Religion under Surveillance: Religious Dissent and Secret Police Archives in Soviet Ukraine
•    POCSIK, Andrea (Hungary) Gendering and Decolonizing the “Patriarchive” .New focuses on Peter Forgács’s works
•    PETERSON, Christian (US) Changing the World from Below

•    GRUJIC, Marija (Serbia) The Means of Political Propaganda and the End of the Cold War in Yugoslavia in the International Perspective: Reshaping of Totalitarianism from the Global to Local
•    CHIOREAN, Andru (Romania) Broadcasting Socialist Culture: the Romanian Communist Radio and the Politics of Culture, 1945-1953
•    COSOVSCHI, Augustin (Argentina) Cultural and intellectual relations between Yugoslavia and the Third World during the Cold War
•    FARKAS, Ádám (Hungary) From support to opposition:  Gyula Háy and the left-wing intelligentsia in Hungary after 1945 - Micro-historical approaches

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