Cuban Architectures: The Third Space

Manuel Copado, Solimar Building, La Habana. © Cuban Heritage Collection, Univ

Runs: June 22 - August 27, 2023
Venue: Galeria Centralis / Blinken OSA Archivum, Arany János utca 32, 1051, Budapest
Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m., Free Admission.

Curators: Adrian Labaut & Paloma Herrero E.
Organizer: Gréta Süveges
Languages: English, Spanish, Hungarian

Opening: June 22, 2023, 6:00 p.m.

The exhibition Cuban Architectures: The Third Space explores, through the lens of architecture, the antagonistic context that has characterized Cuba from the decades before the Cuban Revolution to the present day. The exhibition aims to create a Third Space where conflicting ideological narratives can meet and engage in dialogue. By walking through the presented materials, visitors can construct their own interpretations of the complexities of Cuban history and its present.

Adrian Labaut and Paloma Herrero E. are two Cuban architects based in Europe. Their goal is to introduce the rich but little-known history and current state of Cuban architecture to a wider audience and generate an open dialogue about it. To avoid preconceived narratives, they strive to plant the seeds of an evolving project that involves professionals from different backgrounds in a collective network of ideas.



Partners: Instituto Cervantes

Cuban Heritage Collection (CHC), University of Miami Libraries.
Peter Noever
Julia León y José Antonio Choy
Victor Deupi & Jean-François Lejeune
Getty Research Institute
Neutra Institute for Survival Through Design
The University of Pennsylvania, Stuart Weitzman School of Design, Architectural Archives
Università Iuav di Venezia
AJNA Films & The Room


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