Courses Offered by Blinken OSA in AY 2019/20

Archival courses in AY 2019/20

Courses offered by the faculty and staff of Blinken OSA at CEU’s Budapest Campus in AY 2019/2020 include:

Makers of the Past: Manufacturing Stories (Facts, Evidence, Proofs)

István Rév, Ioana Macrea-Toma, 2 cr, PhD | Department of History

The seminar takes the case study of the nuclear accident at the Chernobyl Power Plant from April 1986 in order to address issues related to the relationship between a historical event and its archival traces, between traces and current representations in histories and fictional works. Its radioactive “invisibility” will provide the background to inquire into the scope, perspectives, conceptual and thematic choices of historical genealogies as well into the relationship between popular perceptions, media coverage, expert analyses and the reflection/ construction of palpable facts and truths.

Archives, Evidence and Human Rights

András Mink, Iván Székely, Csaba Szilágyi, 3 cr, MA | Department of Legal Studies/History

This course looks at the roles and uses of human rights documentation in the context of preserving recorded memory and the history of human rights. Establishing facts by forensic methods, producing impeccable evidence to convict perpetrators, or understanding the roots of conflicts and working toward dialog and reconciliation are just a few areas where the availability of reliable records and archival activism can make a huge difference.

Archives and Evidentiary Practices Specialization

Csaba Szilágyi et al, 9 cr, MA | Department of History

The aim of the specialization is to provide students with theoretical grounding and practical skills in working and pursuing research in a contemporary and innovative archives. The knowledge and skills acquired during this program will open up for them additional avenues of pursuing a career not only in their chosen field but also in archives, libraries, and museums or in the multidisciplinary arena of digital humanities.