The Siege

February 13, 2000 - April 28, 2000

The exhibit is not only a commemoration of the events that took place 55 years ago, but, as we embark on the new millenium, new and never before seen photographs, documents, propaganda materials of the age, posters, flyers and period newsreels paint a picture of the incidents and circumstances which have been either largely forgotten or forbidden to remember.  The exhibit portrays the events and developments of the siege, the participants, the Soviet, German and Hungarian army operations, the military commanders, the military and political background of the situation, the daily routine of the besieged city, the Arrow Cross propaganda, the opposition stemming from various personal or political convictions directed against the Nazis and the Arrow Cross, as well as the organizers and members of the Jewish-rescue missions.

The organizer of the exhibition is Krisztián Ungváry.  The historian is the author of the successful monograph titled “The Siege of Budapest”, already in its third edition. 

The main speaker of the opening ceremony will be Ara Jerezian and the event will take place on February 13, 2000 at 4 pm.