Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival - November 11-16, 2014.

Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival

"Our program this year also demonstrates the blurring of boundaries between documentary and animation, which were worlds apart just a few years ago.  Nowadays they join forces to create new hybrid forms that provoke, surprise, and stimulate the imagination in an effort to depict reality.  Verzio 11 features a rich harvest of over 60 documentaries from all over the world. They were made with passion and commitment, and we hope they impact the audience. Over the coming festival days you will travel across the globe; discover the multicultural treasures of India; meet Hungarians in different parts of the world; gain insight into the waves of protests in Ukraine, Romania, the Arab world, and the United States; face the consequences of nuclear energy use; and learn about the possibilities and dangers of the digital universe."

(Oksana Sarkisova,Festival Director)

11 November, 7 pm, Toldi Cinema
Opening remarks: Virág Erdős, poet
Opening film: Dangerous Acts Starring the Unstable Elements of Belarus
Q&A with director Madeleine Sackler moderated by Máté Gáspár


OSA Archivum / Galeria Centralis - 1051 Budapest, Arany János u. 32.