International premiere of the documentary - Engelbecken

12th Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival presents

International premiere of the documentary/ Nemzetközi premier


12 November 2015 6.30 PM



Gamma Bak & Steffen Reck / Germany / 2014 / 80 min / German

Completed 25 years after the fall of the Wall, this film is a striking historical document taking us back to the time when the directors Gamma Bak (West Berlin) and Steffen Reck (East Berlin) had a cross-border relationship. The film brings together personal archival materials, amateur films and recordings of theatrical performances of the East Berlin avant-garde theatre group Zinnober of which Steffen Reck was a founding member, and secret police files on the protagonists and their circle of friends. Engelbecken reflects the mixed emotions felt when facing a troubled past and explores the lasting feelings of guilt and sense of betrayal resulting from being forced into exile.


Followed by Q&A with the directors: Gamma Bak and Steffen Reck.


The film is in German with English and Hungarian subtitles.

The discussion is in English.

 Reception to follow



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