Curated Collections

Our curated collections bring together primary and secondary sources -- both digital and analog -- from the holdings of the Blinken OSA and its cooperating partners, concerning a particular historical event or phenomenon. They include curatorial reflections and background studies by Blinken OSA staff, highlight specific resources, and offer scholars alternative tools, content-related search and filtering options to explore these sources. Curated collections are intended to supplement our finding aids and catalog.
Yellow-Star Houses 1944-2014

This is OSA’s dedicated website to commemorate June 21, 1944, when the Jews of Budapest were forced to leave their homes and move into one of the 1,944 designated residential buildings marked with a yellow Star of David. It centers on an interactive map showing the current status of the buildings, which is supplemented with numerous documents, including archival sources (text, photo, and video), a chronology of events, a glossary of historical terms, a list of houses by districts and the personal recollections of former inhabitants, as well as two online exhibitions.