Therapy Exhibiton - Threshold Festival
2018, May 7 - 2018, June 10

The Therapy is the main exhibition of the Küszöb Festival which reflects on the situation of the youngest generation of artist. The project used the group therapy(Therapy is not the proper psychological term, it would be the self-awareness group) as a tool to be able to show the way how the young artists see today their present and future in Hungary. Two psychologist lead the self-awareness group of the ten young  artists who were chosen by the curator. At the group events the artists started to discuss the personal difficulties of the career-start and tried define the errors of the current institutional system.

Based on the experience of the last years and the therapy the participants aimed to formulate suggestions which could solve the problems of the institutional system, but do not...

First Demand: Press Freedom - Techniques, Tactics, Topics, and Teams in the Hungarian Samizdat
2018, March 13 - 2018, April 29

On the occasion of the 170th anniversary of the 1848 Hungarian Revolution, the Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives (OSA) presents the exhibition FIRST DEMAND: PRESS FREEDOM.

On the morning of March 15, 1848, revolutionaries in Budapest visited the printing presses of Landerer and Heckenast and printed Sándor Petőfi's poem Nemzeti Dal (National Song) together with the 12 demands formulated by the leaders of the revolution. The first demand of this list was: We demand the freedom of the press, the abolition of censorship. The question of freedom of the press is one that today is still being contested both in authoritarian regimes and in liberal democracies where civil liberties seem to be increasingly under threat. The notions of freedom of the press and freedom of speech also impacts...