Verzió Vienna screenings and events

Verzió Vienna screenings and events

From April 20-22, 2023, Verzió, in cooperation with Belvedere 21, Open Society University Network (OSUN), and Central European University, will present highlights from the latest Verzió Film Festival in Budapest in Vienna.

Verzió Vienna features seven powerful documentaries and several masterclasses. An additional outreach event, the “alternative posters” exhibition, will highlight creative works by graphic design students from Budapest Metropolitan University.

The Verzió organizers believe the new partnerships and connections established during Verzió Vienna will prove lasting, and contribute to foregrounding the medium of creative documentary as an engaging way to learn about the world and empower through moving human stories.

Opening Ceremony: April 20, 6 p.m., Belvedere 21, Blickle Kino
Welcome speech by Shalini Randeria, CEU President and Rector
Opening Film: Away (d.: Ruslan Fedotow, Hungary, Belgium, Portugal, 2022, 28’, Ukrainian)

Alternative Film Poster Exhibition:

Exhibition opening with small reception: April 11, 5:40 p.m. CEU Cafeteria

The posters on display are works produced by the Budapest Metropolitan University’s (METU) graphic design MA students under the mentorship of Krzysztof Ducki and Veronika Kovács. They were made in cooperation with the Verzio Film Festival, which invited the students to make their own, “alternative” versions of film posters based on their own creative response to the films.

The initiative is part of the UniVerzió program which invites university students to dive into the world of creative documentary films. The graphic design students freely chose the films from the program of Verzio in 2022; their diverse approaches to poster creation highlight both the impressive creativity of the students and the festival’s rich program. These graphic works offer new perspectives on the films, inviting the visitors to explore the associative and laconic expressivity of the genre, and raise curiosity about the films. The colorful, multifaceted range of posters communicates the vibrant festival mood and brings the festival highlights to the attention of the CEU Vienna community.

Exhibiting artists: Emese Fekete, Ágnes Kapitány-Szabó, András László Péter, Krisztina Román, Enikő Falcsik, Lili Kláben, Vivien Oroslán, Gábriel Kristyák, Virág Dobó, Júlia Varga, Diána Horváth, Noémi Böröcz, Zsófia Hajdú, Alicia Csizmár

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