Records Uncovered 2.0: LGBTQI+ histories in Central and Southeastern Europe - Exhibition

Records Uncovered 2.0

The exhibition is accompanied by film screenings, roundtable discussions, and other related events. Program details here!

On January 18, 2022, the exhibition Records Uncovered 2.0, organized by Blinken OSA and Háttér Archive and Library, has opened at the Galeria Centralis, presenting LGBTQI+ histories of Central and Southeastern Europe from the post-WWII period to the early 2000s.


Records Uncovered 2.0: LGBTQI+ histories in Central and Southeastern Europe is an exhibition by Blinken OSA and the Háttér Archive and Library, which presents the divergences and commonalities among LGBTQI+ movements in Central and Southeastern Europe in the second half of the last century. Through legal documentation, media reports, private and institutional correspondence, artworks, and ephemera, this exhibition evinces the understanding of non-heteronormative sexualities as well as the treatment of sexual minorities in countries that commonly shared two different political goals at two different periods: the establishment of a new Communist society from the mid-1940s, and the transition toward a democratic society from the 1990s.

Records Uncovered 2.0 builds on our online Records Uncovered exhibition, launched in February 2021, expanding it in several respects. This volume adds a separate section with curated findings from our common “archival research lab,” conducted in the past 10 months, which document the lives of trans-, intersex, or other gender non-conforming individuals during State Socialism and the first years of the democratic transition in Central and Southeastern Europe.

The second expansion of the initial online exhibition is composed of contributions received from individuals and partner organizations. These refer mainly to the history of LGBTQI+ activism in Poland, Slovakia, and the USSR, before the fall of the Iron Curtain. Lastly, the opportunity to present the exhibition this year in a physical format in Blinken OSA’s Galeria Centralis in Budapest, gave us a reason for restructuring and significantly expanding on the history of the LGBTQI+ communities in Hungary, which this year we set in the focus of all the exhibition sections.


Visiting Galeria Centralis/Blinken OSA is allowed only with a valid COVID-19 vaccination certificate. When you arrive, wear a mask and keep your distance. The opening event as well as other related events require registration.

Perica Jovchevski, Central European University / Blinken OSA
Péter Hanzli, Háttér Archive and Library

The exhibition runs: January 19 – February 20, 2022

The exhibition was organized by the Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives and the Háttér Archive and Library.

Blinken OSA | Galeria Centralis | Arany János utca 32, 1051 Budapest, Hungary
Tuesday–Sunday: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.