New Samizdat Series Available at Blinken OSA's Archival Catalogue


We are happy and proud to announce that Samizdat Archives section of our archival catalog has been replenished with 6 more archival series descriptions in the past few months. We have introduced archival descriptions that are available in English and Russian for the newly processed unique archival series that shed light on the convoluted period of Perestroika and transition to post-Soviet reality in Russia and other newly independent states. The Samizdat Archives series newly published in our catalog introduce the public to the informal and regional press, letters addressed to the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty by its audience from across the (former) Soviet Union, and multiple diverse documents that witnessed the transition era from political and social viewpoints. The new content can be a very useful help for researchers, journalists, and educators interested in the collapse of the Soviet Union and the aspects of regime change in the entire East European region.

For more detailed information on the series, please see the following links:
Samizdat Archives of the RFE/RL Research Institute:
New Content:
HU OSA 300-85-17 - Indices to the Informal and Regional Press at Other Institutions -

HU OSA 300-85-32 - Registered Russian-Language Letters -

 HU OSA 300-85-33 - Russian-Language Letters by Name -

 HU OSA 300-85-34 - Ukrainian-Language Letters -

 HU OSA 300-85-35 - Other Letters -

HU OSA 300-85-37 - Registered Unpublished Documents -