Internship Program – Rival Communist Parties

Photo: Dániel Végel

Call for Interns | Part-time Intern Position at the Blinken OSA!

The largest collection of the Blinken OSA consists of nearly 3,000 meters of research materials accumulated by the Research Institute of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. This collection provides a unique insight into the social and political history of the Cold War era. One of the most important duties of the Archives is to make these documents available to researchers while providing an opportunity for young professionals to gain practice in archival work. The Rival Communist Parties Internship Program aims to make available an archival series that cover the history of communist parties in countries outside the Socialist Bloc. These documents have been compiled by Kevin Devlin, an internationally known and acknowledged expert at RFE, during his decades of work of research. In the program, the trainees' task is to process this collection. This processing job requires applicants to be able to read and write in English.

The Archives expect candidates, who

- are enrolled at CEU or any other university as Master or Ph.D. students in the fields of history, political science, archival science;

- are eager to deepen their research on communist parties by using archival sources;

- want to contribute to enhancing the researchability of the topic while learning the basics of archival work;

- need to acquire credits for professional practice and/or willing to perform voluntary work.

What is expected from candidates?

- Demonstrated interest in Cold War history and the work of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty;

- Excellent English language skills;

- General MS Office skills.

What Blinken OSA offers:

- Acquiring research practice by using unprocessed archival materials;

- Learning the archival workflow in a well-equipped, international environment;

- Opportunity to get acquainted with Cold War history and RFE by using documents of the period;

- Opportunity to publish on different online surfaces of the Archives;

- Participation in professional programs organized by the Archives.

Candidates' task:

- Participating in the processing of an archival series;

- Writing the final report on the internship.

Working Hours:

- Duration: 1 month at least;

- Working Hours: part-time, based on mutual agreement;

- Depending on the situation of the pandemic, working hours and the duration of the internship program may vary by mutual agreement of the candidate and the Archives.

To apply for the position, please send your CV and a letter of motivation to