From Harvest to Harvest – Hungarian Calvary, 1918–1919 exhibition moves online

Online exhibition From Harvest to Harvest – Hungarian Calvary, 1918–1919

We are happy to announce that the current exhibition at Blinken OSA, closed due to the pandemic, is now available online! The web version of the exhibition titled From Harvest to Harvest – Hungarian Calvary, 1918–1919, includes interior photos, as well as the several hundred documents and their curatorial commentary on display.

Visit the exhibition:

The official historical narrative of the Orbán regime has identified the scapegoat responsible for the collapse and dissolution of the Hungarian Kingdom in the 1918 Aster Revolution and the 1919 Hungarian Soviet Republic. The same discourse, by a false analogy, claims that nowadays once again it is just the virtual “Communists,” a handful of anti-national fanatics, who oppose Orbán’s rule. Against the background of similar falsifications and attempts at demonization, this exhibition endeavors to show the events that occurred in Hungary in 1918–1919 in their real domestic and international context. In doing so, it hopes to shed light on those still unsettled traumas of the age, which could never become mere history in Hungarian collective remembrance.