Exhibition Revisited

Photo: Lenke Szilágyi

The exhibition POST-SOVIET – The Photos of Lenke Szilágyi 1990–2002 at Galeria Centralis closed on September 20. However, we are happy to announce that those who did not have a chance to come and visit the gallery space can access the online version of the exhibition.

As a result of the pandemic situation, long before the show opened at Blinken OSA, our dedicated colleagues had prepared an online version of the exhibition for the 2020 Night of the Museums. Thanks to the online format, you can freely (re)visit Lenke Szilágyi’s journey and read her witty and genuine diary excerpts.

About the exhibition:

POST-SOVIET – Photos by Lenke Szilágyi 1990–2002

For more than a decade, photographer Lenke Szilágyi (who for several years has been working as a photo-archivist in the Archives) regularly traveled to the (former) Soviet Union, witnessing and documenting the fall of Communism and the Post-Soviet realities not only in large centers like Moscow or St. Petersburg but also in rural areas (the Black Sea coast, the Volga region, Karelia, etc.). Her photos are sensitive imprints of an era of constant change and eternal immutability; in her portrays she depicts the hopes and despairs of the time, while also adds her witty commentaries in the diary entries accompanying the photos. The exhibition was the first major show of Szilágyi’s Post-Soviet collection.