Courses Offered by Blinken OSA in AY 2022/2023 Fall and Winter Term

Photo: Dániel Végel

Blinken OSA seeks to broaden its teaching portfolio each year. We are happy to announce that besides our long-standing courses, we offer new programs to CEU students and launch a cooperation with the ELTE University.

This year, Blinken OSA colleagues participated in the annual Orientation Sessions at CEU Vienna, presenting the latest information about the Archives and its new courses. Since our parent institution relocated to Vienna, lecturers from Blinken OSA have been commuting between the two cities in order to maintain professional links both with faculty and students.

The courses offered this year, co-organized with various departments at CEU and this year also at ELTE, are undergraduate and graduate courses, as well as specialization and Budapest internship programs, addressing broad issues such as the historian’s craft, truth, and objectivity, or evidentiary, legal, and cinematic archival practices related to human rights. As always, archival records from the Blinken OSA holdings underpin the classes and seminars. This allows colleagues to present courses that are immersive, experimental, and laboratory-like, combined with multimedia sources and archival exercises.

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