Budapest100 - Redesign

Photo: Budapest100

This weekend the festival of the Budapest buildings continues with houses built or redesigned in 1921–1930 and 1945–1957.

Budapest100 is a spring weekend festival celebrating the buildings and people around us. The event was launched in 2011 by Blinken OSA and the KÉK Contemporary Architecture Centre to celebrate the 100-year-old houses of the city. This year, due to the pandemic, the festival has been postponed to September.

For detailed information:

The purpose of the event is to bring together the city’s inhabitants for a weekend celebration of our built cultural heritage in Budapest. The event gives a chance to volunteers, inhabitants, tenants, organizers, and interested participants to work together, during which a deeper bond and understanding brings closer different generations and people of all backgrounds.

The program offers a whole weekend of interesting events in houses usually closed to the public. This year, houses built or redesigned in 1921–1930 and 1945–1957 are celebrated, with the active participation of the inhabitants. The original aim of the program was to celebrate the 100-year-old houses, but since 2015 the program offers thematic selections. The purpose, however, has remained the same: to present houses from cellar to attic while getting to know their inhabitants and histories.

All programs are free of charge and organized by volunteers and locals.