Blinken OSA Teaching News

MOME course at Blinken OSA

Blinken OSA offers postgraduate academic courses and specializations to the students of its mother institution, the Central European University (CEU). The courses are organized in cooperation with the departments of Legal Studies and History, and also for CEU's annual Summer University (SUN). Recently, a new cooperation was formed with the Media Design program at the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design (MOME). The first such course was held in 2019. For the second time, students from MOME will come to Blinken OSA in the Fall Term of the 2020/21 Academic Year, to participate in a course specifically designed for them.

The title of the course is MA Project Development, and instructors include Miklós Erhardt, Krisztina Erdei, János Szirtes lecturers from MOME, and Kálmán Tarr and Zsuzsa Zádori from Blinken OSA. The course offers an insight into the uncharted territory of using modern archival resources in higher education.

“The Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design and Blinken OSA jointly organize a university course dedicated to the subject of archives in the Fall Semester of AY 2020/21. In the course, students of the Media Design MA program will examine the importance of archives in shaping historical consciousness and its role in contemporary art and culture. The theoretical classes are led by MOME professors, while researchers from Blinken OSA and other experts will be invited to give presentations, too. In conjunction with the lectures, students are required to develop independent projects based on the audiovisual collections of Blinken OSA, by remixing and creatively re-using the available materials.”