Archives to the Rescue: Left-Wing Journals of Interwar Western Europe Arrive at the Archives

Photó: Katalin Dobó

We are always delighted to share the news if our collection has been enriched with a special, new donation. Now, however, we have to report with a bitter taste that we had to transfer a part of the press collection of the Institute of Political History—recently cast out from its home—to the Archives, in order to avoid forced scrapping.
We received a remarkable selection of 20th-century left-wing, Social Democratic journals and trade union presses published in Western Europe; for example, Die Sammlung, published by Klaus Mann between 1933–35, in Amsterdam, an emigré literary magazine intended to be “the gathering place of the rejected, the silenced, and the real Germany” (“für dieses verstossne, für dieses zum Schweigen gebrachte, für dieses wirkliche Deutschland wollen wir eine Stätte der Sammlung sein”); also, newspapers from Vienna, Paris, Zurich, Berlin, Madrid, or the press monitor of the German trade unions from the 1920s.

Processing of the received collection has started.