75 creative documentaries from 40 countries at this year's Verzió

Logo of the 19th Verzió Human Rights Documentary Film Festival

As an individual, what can you do about climate change, an oppressive regime, or discrimination? What are journalists doing about censorship? What is happening in the rainforests of Brazil? How do people survive wars or blockades day after day? The more than 70 creative documentaries shown at Verzió, most of which will be screened for the first time in Hungary, seek answers to the countless current and burning issues around the globe. The festival will take place 8–20 November, in Budapest and five towns in the countryside, as well as online nationwide.

This year's selection covers many burning human rights issues: poignant stories of courageous journalists, women dealing with the trauma of violence, young people confronting complex family histories and identities, activists defying dictatorships and international corporations - all fighting for a more inclusive, peaceful future.

The screenings will be accompanied by a series of talks, concerts, exhibitions and a professional programs.
Save the date: 8-20 November 2022.

Opening Night

Trafó House of Contemporary Arts
November 8, 2022 (Tuesday) 7 p.m.

Welcome speech by Dr. Anett Bősz, Deputy Mayor of Budapest for Human Services.
Concert by Mariia Chuprynenko, Ukrainian singer-songwriter.

OPENING SPEECH by Nóra L. Ritók, educator, founder of the Real Pearl Foundation.

Opening Film

Ruslan Fedotow • Hungary, Belgium, Portugal • 2022 • 28 min. • in Ukrainian with English and Hungarian subtitles
Andrii and Alisa, Ukrainian teenagers, have escaped the shelling of their native Kharkiv to Budapest. They hold after-school drawing classes for Ukrainian refugee children, and await news from their families back home. News reports and phone calls with family bring the harsh everyday reality of the war into their lives, while their street art protest engages and provokes the passersby.
IDFA 2022 Short Documentary Competition

The screening is followed by a discussion with the director, moderated by Oksana Sarkisova, Festival Director.

TICKETS: https://trafo.hu/en/programs/2022_verzio_dokumentumfilm_fesztival_tavol

Detailed information about the Film Festival: https://www.verzio.org/en