Press Room - 2018

Europe for Citizens: Remembrance 2016  "Year 1956. Societes of Central Europe ve
Posted: 18/January/2018

A succesful professional cooperation of European professional institutions aimed at the common experience of the citizens of the former Eastern Block in connection with 1956.

Europe for Citizens: Remembrance 2016  "Year 1956. Societies of Central Europe versus communism" project with the participation of the KARTA Foundation, Ustav pro Studium Totalitarian Rezimu, Bundesstiftung zur Aufarbeitung der SED-Diktatur, and the Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives at Central European University  aimed at collecting source materials in Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and Hungary  – fragments of documents (leaflets, proclamations, speeches, chronicles, reports, etc.) and individual testimonies (diaries, memoirs, reports, letters etc.) on the common experience of the citizens of the former Eastern Bloc, which is the result of political thaw of 1956.

The result of the project, an educational booklet is available on the Internet in English, German, Polish, Russian, Czech, Hungarian and Slovak on creative commons license.

Art IN Academia: Exhibition and Conference
Posted: 18/January/2018
The event explores a range of possible ways in which academic endeavors can inform, inspire or become complemented by the art created by scholars and researchers within institutional academic walls.
White Supremacist Collaboration between Hollywood and the White House
Posted: 16/January/2018
The first American multi-reel film carried a multiplied risk of profit loss due to its shear length and therefore needed the backing of the White House and the Federal Supreme Court against the local licensing authorities of New York City and Boston (both determined against the release of the film).  And that cooperation served to promote the spirit of white supremacy.