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Budapest 100/Edit Blaumann
See our year in review, from collection development to educational programs and institutional collaborations.
Announcement - posted on 21/Mar/2023
Independent student march on March 15, 1972 (Facebook/ÁBTL)
After attending an independent student march in 1973, Mária Jassó was arrested 50 years ago today.
Announcement - posted on 21/Mar/2023
CEU’s historical Nádor Street 9 building (Wikimedia Commons)
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Announcement - posted on 20/Mar/2023
MTVA – National Photo Archive, Budapest - photo by Adorján Rezső
The Archivum is organising a series of events between 22 March and 28 May, 2023 titled Petőfi Délibáb.
Announcement - posted on 20/Mar/2023
HU OSA 308-0-2 Monitoring of Yugoslav Television
Join the event in the Archivum, or online!
Announcement - posted on 1/Mar/2023
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On December 5, 1994, an event took place in Budapest, Hungary, which became the final and defining step in a series of decisions toward...

Blog - posted on 3/Mar/2023

Matthew Nimetz, a Trustee of Central European University, told the following story on a cold winter’s day in Nádor Street: “In the late...

Blog - posted on 12/Jan/2023

”Westerners ask how Soviet citizens feel about their government's actions in Afghanistan; this question is...

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“Whose terror was it? . . . The mass consciousness views mass terror the same way it viewed the Plague...

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“Gerő suggested it, and Rákosi consented, adding that he had talked it over with Soviet comrades. . . . Politically, I think... my...

Blog - posted on 3/Nov/2022