The Mexican Suitcase - Rediscovered Spanish Civil War Negatives by Capa, Chim, and Taro
December 18, 2015 - February 21, 2016

The legendary Mexican Suitcase containing Robert Capa’s Spanish Civil War negatives, considered lost since 1939, has recently been rediscovered and is exhibited here for the first time. The Suitcase is in fact three small boxes containing nearly 4,500 negatives, not only by Capa but also by his fellow photojournalists Chim (David Seymour) and Gerda Taro. These negatives span the course of the Spanish Civil War (1936–39), through Chim’s in-depth coverage from 1936 and early 1937, Taro’s intrepid documentation until her death in battle in July 1937, and Capa’s incisive reportage until the last months of the conflict. Additionally, there are several rolls of film by Fred Stein showing mainly portraits of Taro, which after her death became inextricably linked to images of the war itself. Following the end of the war and amid the chaos of...

Moving Walls 22 - Watching You, Watching Me
October 14, 2015 - December 8, 2015

An exhibition that explores how photography can be both an instrument of surveillance and a tool to expose and challenge its negative impact.

Moving Walls 22 / Watching You, Watching Me was on view at the Open Society Archives. The ten artists in the exhibition provided a satellite-to-street view of the ways in which surveillance culture blurs the boundaries between the private and public realm. Their use of photography includes a dynamic range of artistic approaches—from documentary to conceptual practice and from appropriation to street art.

Some of the works were created exclusively for this exhibition. Visitors were able to see the premiere of Hasan Elahi’s 27 ft. tall by 15 ft. wide scroll of 32,000 images from his self-surveillance project, as well as new floor-to-ceiling installations created...

History Restaged
April 24, 2015 - May 31, 2015

History Restaged brings together artists whose practices address the necessity of critical thinking and of individual and collective responsibility. Employing strategies of re-staging, where the line between documentary and fiction ceases to exist, the selected works use filmic, literary, archival and art historical references to revisit historically significant events and unsettle our conventional notions of reality.

Staged within the current oppressive political and social milieu in Hungary, the exhibition project is particularly interested in the artistic strategies of fictionalization where the line between documentary and fiction collapses, often using filmic and art historical references, and archival and documentary materials.  Some of these strategies subvert our expectations regarding established narratives...

Stop It - The Brand New Royal Palace - Part 1: The Wreck
February 13, 2015 - April 3, 2015

OSA Archivum is organizing a series of public programs to draw attention to the fatuous rebuilding plans of Buda Castle  and The Royal Palace.

The first program in the series is the opening exhibition entitled, Brand New Royal Palace, Part 1 – The Wreck

Introductory speech by Rudolf Ungváry.

We welcome anyone who would be ashamed if we let the plans come through!

CHSP: Drones, Holo Film and 3D - Cutting-edge Technologies in Archaeology and Preservation of Built Heritage
February 7, 2015

The interactive display and exhibition of posters taking place on February 7th at the Galeria Centralis will present to the visitors the cutting-edge technologies and tools employed in archaeological and historical-architectural research. Those interested can even study the equipment in use, since the professionals who employ these particular methods and technologies and their heritage preservation applications will be providing demonstrations starting from 11 a.m. and from 3 p.m.

3D models, augmented reality, holo pyramids, drones and global positioning systems – all of these are no longer just the possessions of museums of the future.  Throughout the world, and for several years in Hungary as well, these tools and methods that sounded futuristic not long ago are being used in more and more areas for the preservation and...