Reprints and Objects, 1973-2007
September 20, 2007 - October 11, 2007
Raoul Wallenberg - One Man Can Make a Difference
March 2, 2007 - May 6, 2007

In the autumn of 1944 Raoul Wallenberg, secretary of the Swedish Embassy in Budapest, arrived in the Hungarian capital with a mission: to do everything possible to save the persecuted Jews who were trapped in the city. During the period of the Arrow Cross regime and the siege of Budapest he rescued thousands of people from deportation and death. On January 17, 1945 he disappeared from Budapest. It became known only two decades later that he had been abducted by the Soviet authorities and held in the notorious Lubyanka prison in Moscow where, according to the latest version of events, he died in 1947. To this day, the real story of his kidnapping and death remains unknown.

From March 2, 2007 Galeria Centralis in Budapest will host the travelling exhibition about the life of Raoul Wallenberg organised and assembled by the Jewish...