In over five linear meters, the Iraq series covers two decades of Iraqi contemporary history, focusing extensively on the Gulf War (the invasion of Kuwait by Iraqi troops, the UN-authorized war waged against Iraq, and the liberation of Kuwait), and the situation of the Kurds during the Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988), including the genocidal anti-Kurdish Al-Anfal Campaign of 1986-1989, the Kurdish uprising and exodus. The series also includes a considerable amount of material on the mistreatment of the Marsh Arabs in southern Iraq, the accumulation of weapons and their deployment—such as in the 1988 chemical weapons attack on Halabja—and UN and IAEA weapons inspections, the environmental damage inflicted by war, and footage of relief efforts. A significant part of the materials consists of news reports and television programs broadcast by American, British and Canadian media (ABC, CBS, CBC, CNN, NBC, PBS), as well as a large number of documentaries. There are also rare recordings of the genocide committed against the Kurds and brutalities against the Kuwaitis, and reports about Saddam Hussein’s regime, including testimonies of victims of torture, and Iraqi state television propaganda.

Part of the International Monitor Institute Genocide Archive.