Sierra Leone

The series contains 13 raw and edited videos documenting the later years of the eleven-year civil war that left over 50,000 people dead, and much of the country's infrastructure destroyed. It includes recordings of field research, site visits and interviews, including interviews with victims of amputation squads, and child soldiers detailing the killings and the damage they inflicted upon their communities. Several tapes containing raw footage are witness to political rallies, executions and the movements of the military and rebel troops. The series also features media monitoring of television news and reports from Sierra Leone Broadcasting Services, Associated Press Television news and Independent Television Network (UK), and documentaries, including reports on British involvement in the conflict, private militias, and Sorious Samura’s striking film "Cry Freetown", which uncovered the horrors of the most brutal period of the civil war in Sierra Leone and changed the way the international community responded to the conflict.

Part of the International Monitor Institute Genocide Archive.