Over 250 videos on everyday and political life in Burma, 1988-2002. The series contains various types of videos, the majority of which address human rights questions. Some films introduce Burmese and foreign pro-democracy movements, such as the National League for Democracy and the All Burma Students’ Democratic Front, while others record Aung San Suu Kyi’s speeches on subjects ranging from children’s rights to the impact of international sanctions on the country. One part of the series focuses on Karen minority refugees and human rights abuses carried out by the Burmese military. Highlights of the documentaries in the series include John Pilger’s 1988 correspondence, a PBS report on the opium trade, a BBC report on Burmese girls working as prostitutes in Thailand, and an Amnesty International account of human rights abuses, as well as news and background materials by CBS, NBC and others. Rarities include a program parodying the State Law and Order Restoration Council (today the State Peace and Development Council), news, propaganda and feature films from TV Myanmar, Buddhist ceremonies and Burmese dance, and international feature films such as “Burmese Harp” (Japan, 1967) and “Beyond Rangoon” (US, 1995).