Sergii Mirnyi

Sergii Mirnyi (Ukraine)

Ukrainian National Museum “Chornobyl”
Visegrad Scholarship at OSA
Attendance Period: 
Feb/2024 - Mar/2024
Research Title: 
A Radicalizing Event: How the Chornobyl Disaster Catalyzed Collapse of a Totalitarian State of the USSR in 1986–1991
Research Description: 

A constellation of material, psychological, and cultural traits of ionizing radiation turns it into a uniquely powerful psycho-social stressor. If massive enough, it radicalizes the society, and can lead to major changes of its institutions, including even a collapse of political regime and disintegration of the country. This study substantiates this statement, and compares the evolution of Chornobyl-evoked social and political movements in Ukraine and Russia. The research casts some light at the scenarios of probable collapse of the Russian Federation as well as at the general regularities of the impact of various accidents and disasters at the dissolution of totalitarian and authoritarian states.

Sergii Mirnyi is a multidisciplinary researcher and award-winning writer. Studying the Chornobyl Disaster, he developed the general pattern for contemporary accidents of various origin, nature, and scale. He uses this pattern and his first-hand professional and personal Chornobyl experience not only for the purpose of holistic studies of accidents and mass-traumatic events but also for the practical mitigation and, if possible, prevention of their most severe and long-lasting consequences. In the first months after the Chornobyl nuclear reactor’s explosion, Sergii Mirnyi was a commander of radiation reconnaissance platoon at the site, and was cited for courage and heroism. His background includes, in particular, humanities, environmental sciences and policy (MSc, CEU/Manchester University) and chemistry (MSc, Kharkiv State [now Karazin National] University).