Mateusz Sokulski

Mateusz Sokulski (Poland)

Institute of History, University of Silesia in Katowice/Institute of the National Remembrance, office in Katowice
Visegrad Scholarship at OSA
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Research Title: 
Mihajlo Mihajlov and Others: The Way to Support Democratic Solutions against Communist Regime in Yugoslavia in 1980s
Research Description: 

Mihajlo Mihajlov is claimed to be the second most important dissident in Communist Yugoslavia. He was expulsed by Communist authorities in Belgrade after having spent seven years in prison, because of his reluctant attitude toward Tito’s policy, and was forced to emigrate in 1979. While living in America, he worked in the academia and was employed at Radio Free Europe. As an edititor of the journal CADDY Bulletin, he gathered eminent people from Yugoslav emmigration. Their main goal was to persuade Western governments to encourage the democratic states to put more attention to the human rights and democratic initiatives in Yugoslavia. Mihajlov was widely appreciated in the rows of the Yugoslav dissidents.

Research interests: History of Central and Eastern Europe after 1945, with the special focus on democratic opposition in Yugoslavia, Poland and USSR; history of diplomacy, Cold War history. Author of dozen publications concerning Polish–Yugoslav relations, democratic opposition in Yugoslavia. Director and scriptwriter (together with Grzegorz Czerniak) of the documentary Belgrad solidarny z „Solidarnością” (Belgrade’s solidarity with “Solidarity”).