Fanni Svégel

Fanni Svégel (Hungary)

PhD Student, Eötvös Loránd University
Visegrad Scholarship at OSA
Attendance Period: 
Feb/2024 - Mar/2024
Research Title: 
Politicizing Reproductive Labor in Cold War Hungary
Research Description: 

This research aims to investigate female reproductive decision-making in State Socialist Hungary (the 1960s–1970s) with particular regard to the Socialist construction of the “good mother,” transformations in the social perceptions of abortion, and the concept of motherhood as paid work. This project analyzes maternalist social policies and their impacts to underscore the connection between the traditional values of the Kádár regime and the popularity of contemporary state subsidies based on normative gender roles.

Fanni Svégel is an ethnographer, writing on the history of reproductive decision-making and violence against women in 20th-century Hungary. Her main research interest lies in the differing trajectories, continuities, and discontinuities of reproduction in 20th-century East-Central Europe, as well as the history of midwifery, family planning, and pregnancy termination. Her current research project focuses on the theories and practices of reproductive work in socialist Hungary (MTA-BTK Lendület [Momentum] Work Research Group).