Alexander Bala

Alexander Bala (USA)

PhD candidate, University of Texas at Austin
Visegrad Scholarship at OSA
Attendance Period: 
Feb/2024 - Mar/2024
Research Title: 
“Renascence” in East-Central Europe during the period of de-Stalinization
Research Description: 

This research traces the theme of praxis in the writings of humanist Marxist philosophers throughout East-Central Europe during the period of de-Stalinization in the 1950s and 1960s. These philosophers evolved Marx’s early writings into a critique of Stalinism, advocating for individuals’ active transformation of their objective social conditions through praxis, and thus for their active role in history. They fundamentally opposed the orthodox Marxist-Leninist view of the Communist Party as being the only legitimate agent of historical change.

Alexander Bala’s doctoral dissertation seeks to demonstrate how the so-called “Team 10 East” group of architects from East-Central Europe advanced the theme of praxis in physical and spatial terms. By mapping out the broader intellectual context of postwar humanism in East-Central Europe, the results of his research will uncover the points of connection between Team 10 East and humanist Marxist philosophers.