War from the Victims’ Perspective / Photographs by Jean Mohr

War from the Victims’ Perspective / Photographs by Jean Mohr

supported by the Embassy of Switzerland in Budapest, Hungary.

The exhibition is a related event of the VERZIO HUMAN RIGHTS DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL

Open: 12-18 November, 2014.
Venue: OSA Archivum, Budapest, V., Arany János utca 32.

The exhibition addresses the issues of victims of conflicts, refugees and communities suffering from war and still under potential threat. It focuses on the emblematic cases of Palestine, Cyprus, and Africa. Focusing upon these three geographical regions it presents the problem of war victims in an historical setting classified by themes: “Portraits of Exile”, “The Children’s Diaspora”, “Temporary Landscapes”, and “Life Goes On”. These photographs render a face to the casualties and retrace the steps of their displacement, from their settlement in the precariousness of the camps and reception centers to their attempts to adapt to an enduring situation.

Jean Mohr is a Swiss documentary photographer active since 1949. More than 80 exhibitions worldwide have been dedicated to his work. He is an outstanding representative of humanist photography, masterfully balancing sensitivity and rigor, emotion and reflection, art and documentary evidence.

OSA Archivum / Galeria Centralis - 1051 Budapest, Arany János u. 32.