Avant-garde experimental films from Hungary

Avant-garde experimental films from Hungary
Árpád Ajtony
Árpád Ajtony
1971 - 1992
English, French, Hungarian
12 digital containers

This unique collection of experimental filmmaker Árpád Ajtony consists of his two completed films, one unfinished feature film, and a private collection of film fragments.

Drama, a completed experiemental film tells the story of a writer and his muse. A feature lenght documentary, Hungarian Chronicles is about three men and a woman with serious traumas, one surviving his own execution, the second abandoning his Secret Service career to become a teacher, the third being persecuted for her involvement in the 1956 revolution, and the woman becoming a widow too soon.

The unfinished film titled Surány, is the recording of an avant-garde theater performance. There are some unedited film footage probably shot by Ajtony, intended for later projects. Ajtony's collection of newsreel fragments show his strong interest media junk in general, but also in the Vietnam War, the United Nations and French foreign policy.