Csaba Szilágyi

Csaba Szilágyi
Chief Archivist, Head of Human Rights Program

Csaba Szilágyi, with Blinken OSA since 1996, is responsible for the human rights collections, education, and public programs. He is one of the teaching fellows on the Archives, Evidence and Human Rights course and the Archives and Evidentiary Practices Specialization at CEU. Intermittently, he worked as an archives consultant for the Open Society Institute and Human Rights Watch (1999–2000), and was the curator of the Center for Human Rights Documentation and Research at Columbia University (2005–2006) in New York. He is interested in how technological advancement informs the collection, archiving, and dissemination of human rights records; the memorialization and representation of mass atrocities in the archival space; and the role of archives in the global refugee experience.

He studied Hungarian literature, holds an MA in American Studies, and is currently pursuing a PhD at the Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture at the University of Amsterdam. Outside the archival world, Csaba translates fiction and historical and political writings.