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Documents from the Hungarian Ministry of the Interior

Open Society Archives makes available 237 pieces of documents from the fonds of the Central Archives of the Hungarian Ministry of Interiors on its web-site. Most of the documents are from the so called "Series of Orders" in which the internal decrees, orders and executive directives of the leading officials of the ministry and chief commanders of the police are arranged. A smaller part of the documents are from other series of the Central Archives. The exact origin and location number can be identified in every files.

These, once "top secret" files give an insight into the political police activities relating to state security in the 1950-1989 period. The researcher can follow how and according to which directives and rules the state security forces pursued their intelligence and counte-intelligence work against the "internal" and "external" enemies, how they ran covert investigations against political dissidents, and how they built their secret agent/informant network. Let us call the attention to the last, 200 pages document of the list, Glossary of the State Security, the vocabulary of the special terminology elaborated by the security police for internal use. Without being familiar with this jargon the reader might get easily confused and disoriented. Since the language of the documents is exclusively Hungarian we gave the keywords only in Hungarian.

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