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Letters of support for the 1956 Revolution in Hungary

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Transcript in English


Transcript in English

Transcript in English

On the occasion of the 48th anniversary of the outbreak of the 1956 Hungarian revolution (23 October) Open Society Archives presents five documents from its holdings that are related to this outstanding historical event of the 20th century.

These documents are from the small private collection of Imre Mikes, known to the Hungarian listeners of Radio Free Europe as “Gallicus”. He was one of the most influential and popular political commentators of RFE Hungarian Desk throughout the 1950s and 1960s. His small collection contains letters, postcards, manuscripts and books arrived to the Open Society Archives in 1995, together with the documents of the Research Unit of RFE, Munich.

Most probably, during and after the days of the Hungarian revolution the Hungarian Desk of RFE received hundreds and hundreds of letters, telegrams and postcards from all over the world and from Hungary as well. Unfortunately only 18 items remained and are now kept at OSA. These letters praised the victory of the revolution (as many believed it before the Soviet intervention), or gave an expression of grief and solidarity for the Hungarian cause after the Soviet troops invaded the country on 4 November, 1956.


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