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Refugee DocsMap Published

Refugee DocsMap Published

Blinken OSA launched Refugee DocsMap, a visual geographic catalog of recent documentary films on the global refugee experience in the 20-21th century.

The non-circulating Film Library of Blinken OSA contains 5,500+ documentary films focusing on current social injustices and international human rights violations in almost 100 languages, including all films submitted to and archived after the Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festivals since 2003. 

Within this unparalleled range of films, several hundred relate directly to the global experience of forcibly displaced people, refugees and migrants, who had to leave their countries due to uprisings against tyranny and state sponsored violence, wars and ethnic or religious conflicts, featured at varying stages of their journey. In this interactive map, we have provided a visual geographic catalog of these selected films, allowing researchers to locate films more easily by the country of origin of refugees/migrants, as well as by the time and the nature of their experiences.

By publishing this catalog, Blinken OSA aims at bringing the personal, unique story of the refugees at the forefront of the inquiry, as well as at informing and diversifying the public discourse on refugees in a genuinely hostile contemporary social environment.