The Research Room will be closed for summer recess between August 1 and September 4, 2018. We reopen on September 5, at 10 am.

Events / Announcements
“Live” coverage of the 1968 Invasion of Czechoslovakia
Close to 4,000 news items from Radio Free Europe, and photos of the occupation of Košice are published on our new site.
Event - posted on 11/Aug/2018
Paul Fábry, founder of the Joseph Pulitzer Memorial Prize passes away at the age
The prize was awarded to Blinken OSA in 2010 in the category of press history.
Announcement - posted on 10/Aug/2018
Farewell to Spring
Creating a fictional international youth magazine, the exhibition presents this thriving and hopeful period.
Event - posted on 1/Aug/2018
RFE/RL to Launch News Services in Bulgarian and Romanian
Service to Bulgaria ended in 2004 and to Romania in 2008, the aim now is to strengthen the local media landscape.
Announcement - posted on 25/Jul/2018
Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)
Blinken OSA celebrates the 100th anniversary of the birth of Nelson Mandela (1918-2013).
Announcement - posted on 18/Jul/2018
Blog Posts / Podcasts

Blinken OSA's George Mason University intern in the 2018 spring term reflected on the time he spent working at the archives....

Blog - posted on 31/Jul/2018

Mélyi József kurátor bevezetője a Blinken OSA "Búcsú a tavasztól - Forradalmi ifjúsági lapok, 1968. 2. szám" című kiállításának a...

Blog - posted on 4/Jul/2018
A Cséplő Gyuri forgatásán. Fotó: Jávor István. Schiffer Pál hagyatéka, OSA Archívum, Budapest

Beszélgetés a Blinken OSA Schiffer-gyűjteményéről, a Romakép Műhely szervezésében.

Blog - posted on 21/Jun/2018

Az 1958. júniusi eseményekre kollégáink és kutatóink írásaival emlékezünk.

Mink András: A Nagy Imre-per – 50 év múltán (Részletek...

Blog - posted on 14/Jun/2018
Radio Free Europe covered the events from the very beginning

The Poland 1968 Digital Collection focuses on the March 1968 Polish student rebellion and its aftermath.

Blog - posted on 1/Jun/2018