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Journals from the International Human Rights Law Institute
relating to the conflict in the former Yugoslavia

The Anthropology of East Europe Review. Special issue: Refugee women of the Balkans. Vol. 13, 1995, No.1

Bulletin. Facts on war crimes. State Commission for gathering facts on war crimes in the Republic of Bosnia-Hercegovina. Sarajevo. 1992, No. 1 (October), 1993, No. 2 (February), No. 3 (March), No. 4 (April)

Croatian Medical Journal. Zagreb. Special issue: Medical testimony of the Vukovar tragedy. 1992.; War supplement: Vol. 33, 1992, No. 1

Daedalus. Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Vol. 123, 1994, No. 2

Foreign Policy. Published by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. 1993, No. 92

Journal of Croatian Studies. Annual Review of the Croatian Academy of America, New York. Vol. 32-33, 1991-1992

Law and Contemporary Problems. Published by the Duke University School of Law, Durham. Vol. 59, 1996, No. 4 -- Special issue on "Accountability for international crimes and serious violations of fundamental human rights".

Pravna Misao. Casopis za pravnu teoriju i praksu. Special issue: Genocid u Republici Bosni i Hercegovini 1992. Sarajevo. Vol. 23. 1992. No. 5-8.

Srpska Pravoslavna Crkva = Serbian Orthodox Church. Beograd. Vol. 8, 1992

Why. Publication for human rights and peace. Sarajevo '92. War issue. 1992, No. 4


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