CHSP: Drones, Holo Film and 3D

Cutting-edge Technologies in Archaeology and Preservation of Built Heritage
2015, February 7

The interactive display and exhibition of posters taking place on February 7th at the Galeria Centralis will present to the visitors the cutting-edge technologies and tools employed in archaeological and historical-architectural research. Those interested can even study the equipment in use, since the professionals who employ these particular methods and technologies and their heritage preservation applications will be providing demonstrations starting from 11 a.m. and from 3 p.m.

3D models, augmented reality, holo pyramids, drones and global positioning systems – all of these are no longer just the possessions of museums of the future.  Throughout the world, and for several years in Hungary as well, these tools and methods that sounded futuristic not long ago are being used in more and more areas for the preservation and presentation of heritage. This two day event in Budapest - a conference on the 6th and an exhibition on the 7th of February - will search for the answer to the question of how all of these can be used even more effectively than presently, even within the context of international cooperation. The organizers are admittedly aiming at a kind of “high-tech expo,” where Hungarian and foreign experts dealing with the application of various modern technologies and the researchers into archeological and built heritage can meet one another. The hosts of the program are the Archaeolingua Foundation and Press, which has been dealing with the research into and presentation of cultural heritage – in particular archeological heritage – for nearly twenty-five years, and the recently commenced Cultural Heritage Studies Program of Central European University.

Archaeolingua Foundation and Press
Erzsébet Jerem
Ágnes Anna Sebestyén
József Laszlovszky
Dóra Mérai