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TITLE:             Yevtushenko Poem - The Heirs of Stalin
BY:                rc
DATE:              1962-10-22
COUNTRY:           Yugoslavia

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Radio Free Europe/Munich
Non-Target Communist Area Analysis Department
Background Information USSR

22 October 1962


I. Introduction

II. The Heirs of Stalin, by Evgeniy Yevtushenko.


The latest poem by Yevtushenko, which appeared in the
21 October issue of Pravda, supports the Khrushchev line
on destalinization by condemning Stalinists who have been
forcibly retired, but who "secretly believe this
retirement is temporary", and Stalinists who are still in power.
Concerning the latter, Yevtushenko refers specifically
only to Enver Hoxha, but implicitly also condemns the
Chinese communists by asking "where else is that (telephone)
wire leading to from that (Stalin's) coffin?" Whether
Yevtushenko means to de art from the official line to include
East European Stalinists such as Ulbricht and Novotny among
the "many Stalinist heirs on the globe" is open to
interpretation by the poem's readers. In any case, Yevtushenko
takes a strong position in favor of further action against
Stalinists and Stalinism.


[page 1]


by: Evgeniy Yevtushenko.

The marble kept silent.
Silently the glass flickered.
Silently stood the guard,
becoming bronzed in the wind.
And the coffin slightly gave off smoke,
Breathing was flowing through cracks,
as it was being taken out through the doors of the Mausoleum.
The coffin slowly glided,
brushing bayonets with its edges.
He also used to be silent -
but menacingly silent.
Clenching sadly his embalmed fists,
in it a man pressed himself against its crack,
pretending to be dead.
He wanted to remember all those,
who were taking him out:
Young recruits from Ryazan and Kursk,
so that somehow later
he might gather strength to get out,
and rise from the earth,
and reach them, the foolish ones.
He has planned something.
He has taken a nap just to hare some rest.
And I appeal to our government with the request:
to double,
to treble
the guard at this tombstone,
So that Stalin may not rise,
and together with Stalin -
the past.
I am not making a speech about that valiant and heroic past,
where Turksib was,
and Magnitka,
and the flag over Berlin.
I mean by the past in this present case,
the ignoring of the good of the people,
the slander,
the arrests of the innocent.
We sowed honestly,
We honestly smelted the metal
and we honestly marched,
Forming ourselves in soldiers' lines.
But he was afraid of us.
He, believing in the great aim, did not consider,
that the means
should be worthy
of the greatnes of the cause.

[page 2]

He was farsighted.
In the laws of struggle wise,
He left many an heir on the globe.
It seems to me,
as though a telephone has been installed in
his coffin:
To Enver Hoxha
Stalin gives his instructions.
Where else is that wire leading to from that coffin!
No, - Stalin has not given up.
Does he think that death -
can be corrected.
We moved him
out of the Mausoleum.
But how to remove Stalin
from Stalin's heirs!!
Some heirs cut roses in retirement,
but secretly believe,
that this retirement is temporary.
even criticize Stalin from the rostrum,
and at night
yearn for the old times.
It is apparently not without cause that
Stalin's heirs get heart attacks today.
They, who were previously pillars of support,
do not like the time,
when camps are empty,
and the halls, where people listen to verses -
are overcrowded.
The Party
has ordered me
not to be reassured.
Let someone repeat over and over again:
"Compose yourself!" - I shall never find rest.
As long as there are Stalin's heirs on earth,
it will always seem to me,
that Stalin is still in the Mausoleum.
Translated by: Katherine von Imhof,

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